Smart Vest  (2018)

Role: User Researcher
Tools: Secondary Research, Expert Interview, Individual Interview
Deliverable: Descriptive Reporting, Insights from Patients and Doctors, Design Principles, Business Strategy Recommendation
Description: Smart Vest is a 12-lead ECG wear, which features a 360-degree heart scan and 24-hour continuous monitoring, and forecasts heart risks 8 hours in advance. In addition, a mobile app enables the patient to check real-time health information. The app also syncs data to the cloud, which supports the doctor in diagnosing remotely.

Smart Headphone  (2018)

Role: User Researcher
Tools: Secondary Research, Group Interview, Expert Interview, Diary, Survey, Persona
Deliverable: Insightful Report and Recommendation
Description: The purpose of this project is to (1). understand the usage scenarios of “smart” headphone, smartphone and other devices in daily life; (2). consolidate use cases; (3). identify the potential opportunities for the smart headphone.

Bezel/button/Hole-Less Smartphone  (2018)

Role: User Researcher
Tools: Group Interview, Card Sorting
Deliverable: Insightful Report and Recommendation
Description: The purpose of this project is to (1). test the concept about bezel-less, hole-less and bottom-less smartphone; (2). Evaluate the proposed new UI.

Blood Pressure Watch  (2015)

Role: User Researcher, Interaction Designer, Product Manager
Tools: Secondary Research, Competition Analysis, Diary, Individual Interview, Group interview, Expert Interview, Contextual Observation, Card Sorting, Scenario Play
Deliverable: Research Report, Insights from Patients and Doctors, Design Principles, 3D Mockup, Working Prototypes, Smartphone Application
Description: This is the slim wrist Pump blood pressure Watch plus Bluetooth. It is a stylish watch with great features for ease-of-use and accuracy.

Smart IV  (2015)

Role: User Researcher, Technical Sourcer, Product Manager
Tools: Individual Interview, Expert Interview, Field Study (Hospital, three days), Scenario Play, Wireframe, GUI, UI
Deliverable: Insightful Research Report, Printed 3D Mockup, Workable Prototype
Description: Smart IV Pump System is a infusion and monitoring system that builds on a Android-based platform, so the nursing staff can program the infusion flow rate and monitor the status remotely. It also alerts the staff taking action when patients have troubles.

LeDrive  (2015)

Role: User Researcher, Technical Sourcer
Tools: Field Study (Repair Center and Component Retailer), Secondary Research, Expert Interview, Group Interview, Field Test
Deliverable: Workable OBD Adapter, Android Application
Description: LeDrive is a OBD bluetooth adapter that user can monitor his/her vehicles sensors, RPM’s, speed, power input, power output, temperature of your engine, transmission, and other fluids. User can do quick scans for quick diagnostics and figure out the problem by faulty codes. Everything can be done by LeDrive and the application to pair up with a smartphone with.

Android Notebook  (2014)

Role: User Researcher
Tools: Field Study (Home/Workplace Visit), Individual Interview, Group Interview, (Fake) Product Poster
Deliverable: Insightful Research Report, Design Principles, User Interface
Description: Android Notebook is a Android-based clamshell notebook for blue-collar.

Supernote pro  (2013)

Role: User Researcher, Interaction designer, Graphic Designer, Product Manager
Tools: Individual Interview, Holistic Usability Test
Deliverable: Design Principles, Wireframe, GUI, UI, Application for Google Play
Description: SuperNote Pro is a note taking application that users can create, manage and customize notebooks, take notes, sync notes with other devices between Android and Windows operating systems.
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Transformer TF101, 2-in-1 notebook  (2010)

Role: Innovation Process Facilitator, Project Manager
Tools: Field Study, Group Interview, Expert Interview, Individual Interview, Card Sorting, Scenario Play, (Fake) Product Poster, Pricing Test
Deliverable: Scenario Cards, Idea Cards, Concept Cards, Product Portfolio, Business Strategy, Product Spec
Description: The Transformer TF101 is part tablet and part notebook. The keyboard dock with an integrated battery which transforms the tablet into a typical clamshell laptop.

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Optical Disk Drive  (2000-2006)

Role: Optical Mechatronic Engineer
Tools: GPIB, C/C++
Deliverable: Laser Power Calibration System, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVR±RW, DVD-RAM
Description: As a R&D engineer, I designed and builded the first laser power calibration system in the world and run in the factory production line. I also developed the firmware of Optical Disk Drive from CD to DVD format.